WOTD: Massive (a poem)


The force of gravity is determined by the mass of two objects
And the distance between them.
I miss you across the gap from here to San Antonio
I feel the physical distance like a wound.

When you return,
I am pulled like an errant moon
Back into your orbit.

Rotating, rediscovering
Night and day.

Without you -I have no way to measure time.

Somedays though,
I feel distance like a concept.
I see you crying and I’m not sure what words to say.
But I feel like I should.

I should have those words.

The distance between us
-from the sofa to the chair-
Greater than from here to San Antonio.

Can you feel how much I love you?
Filling the deep black void of space,
The ebb and flow of tide,
Some arcane measure
Of the heart.


via Daily Prompt: Massive



    1. My brain went; massive –> mass –> gravitational pull —>orbit —> being pulled into somebody’s orbit. I usually leave these WOTD pieces raw but I like the idea here so I’m going to go back and tighten/clean it up.

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