WOTD: Ruminations (poem)


Some days it is hard to tell the symptom from the disease.
When I say Black Lives Matter and you curl your lip
I can feel you already turning away in your mind.
I can feel you thinking ‘All lives matter’
I can feel you thinking “Look at you.”

“Your voice isn’t the one that needs to be heard.”

When I say that I am a feminist.
I have to parse everything in my mind first.
And I’ll still fuck it up and somewhere someone
Will be insulted because I forgot the asterix
That goes after ‘trans*’

And there I am mansplaining again.

We are quick to turn on our allies
If they don’t measure up
to what we have in our heads.

We see their faults first
Not what is in their hearts.

Rumination is a clinical term
For focusing on the symptoms of a disorder
Rather than solutions for the disorder itself.

A starving wildcat will eat its young.
It doesn’t care that it is on the endangered species list.

It only knows that it is hungry.


via Daily Prompt: Ruminate



  1. Did this just pour out of you…it has that urgent, passionate tone…of something you had to let out? The starving cat just knowing it is hungry…wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. WOTD pieces tend to be raw and immediate. They usually get little more than a quick glance over to make sure I haven’t left any egregious spelling errors and then they’re sent out into the world screaming and crying to see if they can walk.

      Occasionally, I’ll go back and tighten them up. But I really like the rawness of them. They’re authentic without polish.

      Thank you for finding your way over to my blog and taking the time to let me know that you were here!


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