WOTD: Aware (poem) My Life as a Serpent

My Day As a Serpent

I regret the whole incident in the Garden
Not the actual tempting mind you
But the way it played itself out.

I’ve never been able to look at an apple
The same way since.

God is management. I’m the union.
Send the vice-president down to straighten things out.
The monkeys are thinking for themselves,
Redeem them.

They’re becoming aware.

Redeemed. Traded in. The new model isn’t working,
Downsize and factory recall just to be safe.

Maybe if they were born again?
A hesitant suggestion.

Great idea, Jesus!
You have three days. Go!


But listen human and listen well
Though He would have you forget
Alone, at night, when you swallow

You can still taste the apple.

via Daily Prompt: Aware


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