Where ideas meet reality

I love the idea of a blog. I love the thought that there’s a place that I can decompress and deconstruct whatever happens to be on my mind and that somewhere out there in the nebulous expanse of the internet there is someone that actually wants to read it.

Hello hypothetical reader!

Ideally you are someone who thinks deep thoughts, has a healthy skepticism of organized religion, and knows the original roster of the Avengers. You are someone who has become disillusioned with politics beyond the normal every day background distrust that normal every day politicians have earned and are now starting to think maybe it’s all gone wrong somehow. And not in that fun sort of way of I wonder what silly thing X politician is going to say that is certain to infuriate you but more along the lines of Geez I hope they don’t destroy the planet beyond repair.

That’s where I am, hypothetical gentle reader.

There doesn’t seem to be anything fun or funny about politics anymore.I’d like nothing more than to disappear into one of my fandoms and pretend nothing has changed.

But it has.

Maybe some day there will be someone other than myself reading this. Maybe I can think of this as a beginning. Someday, if I’m ever a big famous published author people will come back and look at these words and I’ll embarrassingly wish that I had never written them.

In the days ahead I’ll babble about any number of subjects. How I feel about Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who. Who my favourite comic writers are. How I feel about being a Canadian living the States. My thoughts on being a father and a husband. The stresses and joys of owning a comic book store…  or any number of other things.

Maybe I will post some videos. I’ve been enjoying doing those whenever I get around to it. But the reality is… I’m lazy. And I probably won’t post on here much which means I probably won’t ever build any sort of readership which means, gentle reader, that you will remain a hypothetical.

I love the idea of a Blog. I’m not sure the reality of what I can accomplish will ever match that. But lets see…


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